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Unhappy Guinea Pig Noises- and what they mean

All guinea pig sounds are not created equal; you may be wondering what unhappy guinea pig noises are and how to decipher them.

This article will discuss what unhappy noises and happy noises mean to your pet guinea pig.

It’s important to learn the different meanings of everyday noises your furry friend makes to understand how to be the best pet owners you can be.

Would you be surprised to know that common unhappy guinea pig noises make up around ten different sounds meaning different things?

But unhappy guinea pig noises aren’t the only thing you need to look for as guinea pig owners; you also need to pay attention to your guinea pig’s body language.

So, cozy in, and let’s get to know what these various noises and body language tell us.

What are unhappy guinea pig noises?

  • Teeth chattering
  • Shrieking or screaming
  • Hissing
  • Chirpping
  • Whining
  • Durr sound
Unhappy guinea pig with his mouth open
Photo credit- Adobe

Teeth chattering, and what does it mean in my guinea pig?

Teeth chattering is just what it sounds like when teeth click together.

This is a warning sign of aggression. They are likely unhappy and annoyed, and you need to act accordingly.

Teeth chattering is typically seen between two guinea pigs but can also be done at you.

If you’re introducing a fellow cage mate to your guinea pig, you can expect to see this as your guinea pig is trying to make a statement.

Teeth chattering is a warning that they may fight, and it’s best to separate guinea pigs when you hear this go on until they calm down.

If this happens while you’re holding your guinea pig, put them back in their cage and let them cool down.

What does it mean when my guinea pig is screaming or shrieking?

Screaming or shrieking in a guinea pig sounds like a long and drawn-out shriek. When a guinea pig shrieks, they are typically in pain or feel like they are in immediate danger.

You are most likely to hear shrieking when you take them to the vet, if you hear it at home, you should investigate what caused the potential pain or what frightened them.

What does it mean when my guinea pig is Hissing?

If you hear a hissing noise coming from your guinea pig, this is a warning sign to give your annoyed piggy some space, whether it’s from you or another guinea pig.

A hissing sound can also be heard during teeth chattering. Separate your guinea pigs and let them cool down.

What does it mean when my guinea pig is Chirping?

A chirping guinea pig is giving a distress call or warning and sounds like a bird chirping. When a guinea pig chirps, they are usually in a trancelike state; you should survey their area and make sure they are doing okay.

What does it mean when my guinea pig is whining?

Whining is a good indication that your guinea pig would like some personal space and it’s a good idea to listen to that.

What does it mean when my guinea pig makes a Durr noise?

Durr is part of the three common guinea pig noises for purring, they all mean something a little different.

Durr is a low purring sound and is a common guinea pig sound when they are startled.

When they make this purring noise like will typically be in a trance-like state due to being frightened.

What does it mean when my guinea pig growls?

A guinea pig growl sounds like “drr drr” and means that their defenses are up, and they are fearful or feel threatened.

Now that we have the variety of sounds unhappy guinea pigs make let’s talk about unhappy guinea pigs’ body language.

What does it mean when my guinea pig freezes?

When a guinea pig freezes, it typically means they are nervous or afraid.

What is strutting in guinea pigs?

There are two types of strutting; one can be signs of aggression when they get stiff hind legs and move side to side; you will likely also see some teeth chattering when they are doing this.

And the other one is considered a mating dance called the guinea pig rumble strut (rumble strutting), which is more of a mating call.

Guinea pig yawning- showing their teeth
Photo credit- Adobe. Guinea pig Yawning showing their teeth

What does it mean if my guinea pig is yawning?

What looks like yawning from a guinea pig is actually them showing their teeth and being aggressive.

It’s best to separate your guinea pigs for a short time if they are showing teeth or teeth chattering as they may bite their fellow cage mate.

Why is my guinea pig fluffing out its fur?

If your guinea pig feels threatened or wants to show dominance, they will fluff out their fur. Pay attention to what’s going on in their cage.

Why are my guinea pigs mounting each other?

If your guinea pigs aren’t trying to mate, they are likely trying to show dominance by mounting.

A guinea pig’s body language will tell you a lot about how they are feeling which is important to know as pet parents.

These social animals also have a lot of happy sounds they make.

Here are some common happy guinea pigs sounds.

  • Wheeking
  • Rumbling
  • Purring
  • Chutt

What does it mean when my guinea pig is wheeking or whistling-

Wheeking is a pretty popular sound made by guinea pigs. It sounds similar to squeal, but it’s longer and a high-pitched noise. You will typically hear them wheeking when it’s food time or when they are excited in general.

Rumbling noise-

When a guinea pig is rumbling, which sounds similar to a purr but deeper, it’s typically a mating sound. You will hear this while they are rumble strutting.

Purring noise-

As I mentioned above, there are three distinct purring noises guinea pigs make, giving them different ways to say how they feel. A happy pure is typically a deep pure and a relaxed, calm posture.


A chutt sound sounds as if you’d say the word chutt, but it’s quick. When they are exploring, you hear this sound; it’s a harmless sound.

We hope we have answered your questions regarding unhappy guinea pig noises our little friends make.

Let’s recap-

  • It’s important to listen to the different noises your guinea pig is putting out and what body language they are doing with it.
  • If they are chattering their teeth, it’s best to leave them alone and remove their cage mates temporarily.
  • If your guinea pig freezes, he’s likely afraid.

As you get to know your guinea pig, you will understand its behavior better than we can tell you here, but this is a good starting point to get a feel for their various sounds.

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For information on sources check out our reference page.