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The Best Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding Reviewed

In this article, we will discuss what the best guinea pig fleece bedding is.

These opinions were based on reading hours of reviews, the good and the bad to determine the top fleece bedding.

Why is fleece bedding the best option as Guinea Pig bedding?

Fleece provides a soft walking area for the Guinea Pig cage, as their feet are sensitive to rough or uneven surfaces.

The material is easily washable and has absorbent bedding for bodily fluids or frequent water bottle drips.

Fleece is also economically important as you are not buying new bedding but rather continually washing the bedding instead.

Guinea Pig owners have found that fleece is the easiest to maintain in a cage, much less mess. You do not need to throw away any shavings, and you know your piggies are always comfortable.

Fleece is also a healthier option as there is no dust from any wood shavings that can contribute to respiratory infections or get tangled within their fur.

Buying fleece liners is a financial decision you will make upfront, as they are currently in the range of $50-100 USD per liner.

You will want to buy at least two at a minimum to alternate them when you wash one during bedding changes.

Disposable bedding that is consumable, paper bedding is going for $15.99 a week to supply a 48-inch x 24-inch cage.

By spending the money upfront on the fleece cage liner it will save significantly in the long run.

It’s important to remember you are looking at saving over $600 USD a year by switching to fleece bedding. Here’s the math when comparing paper liners 15.99 x 52 = 831.48- 200 from x2 fleece liners = $600.48.

Not only is fleece the softest walking surface and the best bedding for our Cavies, but it will save significantly on bedding material while reducing waste.

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How will I keep my fleece cage liners clean and looking nice?

Cavies are continually pooping throughout the day, but the poop is hard and dry, making for an easy clean-up with a small broom and a dustpan, a small handheld vacuum, or simply picking up the fleece and shaking it into the trash can daily.

The Guinea Pig’s cage should be spot cleaned daily and waste removed as it builds up.

Having fleece bedding does give the poop the ability to stay on the surface rather than get lost in paper or aspen shavings.

Urine is contained within the absorbent layer and is wicked to dry the fleece from the surface. The absorbent material is made of different materials depending on the manufacturer.

What are guinea pig fleeces typically made with?

These materials include bamboo, U-haul pads used for moving furniture, terry cloth, puppy pads, and even adult incontinence pads.

How do you clean guinea pig fleece liners?

Many manufacturers recommend washing liners weekly with unscented laundry detergent, tumble dry on low, then air dry for 24 hours before using again.

Do not use fabric softener sheets as Guinea Pigs are sensitive to smells and cause respiratory issues.

For best results, use the recommended instructions from the company you purchase. The rate you use your washing machine may need to be adjusted depending on your comfort level with urine.

Cavies frequently urinate in significant amounts and may require more frequent washings, and the smell of urine may overwhelmingly necessitate a more regular clean cage.

Having stagnant urine in the cage can lead to bacterial growth, leaving your Guinea vulnerable to infection as well as urine scald on the bottom of the foot. Urine scald is an open wound resulting from prolonged skin exposure to urine.

The naturally acidic nature of urine breaks down healthy skin if left on the skin or stepped in for prolonged periods. Remember, it is a good idea for our piggies to have a clean habitat; they will be happier and healthier.

What is the best Guinea Pig fleece bedding?

A note to the reader: The commentary came about by looking through thousands of reviews to see what consumers find the best fleece bed performance and longevity. The goal is to find a consumer-based decision and not be persuaded by marketing or just the reviews alone, but see what people say about said products. The reviews will consider the four most popular brands online to find the best fleece bedding.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through them, I will earn a small commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. Please see full disclosure policy here

Who is GuineaDad, and what makes his product special?

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GuineaDad claims to have the #1 rated Guinea Pig bedding options online.

They produce three sizes fitting the two standard c&c cages and a Midwest liner.

The bedding is fleece blankets covering an absorbent bamboo inner layer.

The bottom of the fleece is waterproof to prevent any accidental leaks onto the furniture. GuineaDad claims that the bamboo layer can take up to three times its weight in liquid.


Positive reviews indicate that the liners are very absorbent and wick both urine and water from the surface, leaving a dry walking surface. The fleece bedding is said to be very soft as well.

Many claims state that it holds up well after several washes. One must follow washing instructions precisely as written, and the bedding is free of surface debris, including hair, hay, pellets, and poop.


The negative reviews are much fewer than the positive reviews but should be considered for an informed decision.

The number one issue with these pads is washing them; they shrink much more than expected, even when washed as instructed.

The liners must be shaken out thoroughly and free of debris such as hair and hay to prevent it from clogging your washing machine.

It is important to remember that fleece bedding will take more maintenance to keep looking nice but will save you money in the long run.

Reviews are taken from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Etsy.com.

What is Small Pets and Company, and how does their fleece perform?

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Small Pets and Company is another well-reviewed, popular choice in the fleece bedding market.

The liners sell at a similar price point to GuineaDad’s.

They are sold exclusively on Amazon.com and their website.

They make two different liners for two sizes of cages, the Midwest and the 1×2 C&C cage.

These liners are handmade in a suburb in Chicago. The liners have fleece blanket material covering the outside, with an absorbancy layer stitched into the center.

The Small Pets and Company website and Amazon did not have the material layer listed but kept it as proprietary information. However, they mention that the absorbancy layer also contains material to help decrease odor.


Positive reviews indicate that the liners hold up very well. A lady has had one for over two years and continues to have it in use.

People seem to like their different print designs.

There are several reviews stating that urine odor has been low to non-existent. Other mixed reviews say you will need to wash it more frequently, depending on the number of Guineas in one cage to prevent odor.

The most frequent wash cycle was at least twice a week with 2 Cavies. The liner does not move like some other brands, as it has sidewalls, and your Piggies will not be able to go underneath it.


Negative reviews should still mention few as it is essential for a well-informed consumer in their final decision.

Several people indicated that it takes several washes, upwards of 6-8 washes, before the absorbancy is activated.

Then a few people said that the absorbancy was poor no matter how many times they washed it.

One lady indicated she washed the fleece over 20 times with no difference in absorbency.

There is no waterproof layer on the bottom, so careful attention must be taken to prevent saturation and leak through.

Some reviewers placed a puppy pad underneath the liner to catch leaks.

Finally, a couple of people had their liner shrink in the wash; one was a little, while the other was significant with a couple of inches lost.

Reviews are from Amazon.com


The top fleece liner seller on Etsy.com.

Handmade by a mother of 3 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She only sells on Etsy, has 12 different size cage liners to choose from, and does custom orders.

The most significant difference in Kelli’s design is adding higher sidewalls, with three other options being the standard, six inches, and 12 inches. The taller sidewalls will keep any potential mess within the cage and a clean area surrounding it.

These liners are made from U-haul pads as the absorbent layer and polyester fleece as the walking surface.

Directions on washing indicate that it will need to be washed several times before using to activate the wicking of urine and allow waste to get to the lower layers. If the liner is not treated with machine washing initially, expect it not to absorb well and will need to be washed more often until those deeper layers open up and prevent respiratory problems in our little friends.


The positive reviews indicate that the liners feel great in hand, they are very soft, and the fleece is thick.

There are multiple repeat customers. It sounds like there is not any shrinking, at least not any reported in the reviews.

However, Kelli does indicate that she makes the liner bigger to account for shrinkage.

There is no single negative review on Etsy.com, and Kelli does not sell anywhere else to find further reviews.

All reviews are taken from Etsy.com


(Affiliate link)

The second highest small pet fleece liner seller on Etsy.com, and they have their website that they sell from at Taterpets.com.

The owner goes by Courtney’s Handmade Pet Bedding on Amazon.com.

They make liners for six different cages, as they are in the small animals business, rather than strictly Guinea Pigs.

The liner’s price aligns with both GuineaDad and Small Pets and Company. Taterpets use a similar strategy to Small Pets and company as a USA-based company and handmade liners.

The liners are similar to Small Pets and Company as they have a sidewall. Taterpets does indicate that their absorbency layers material is recycled denim padding, that it is both absorbent and naturally traps odor.

The denim pad is similar to a U-haul pad that you pack around furniture when moving.


Similar to the others mentioned, Taterpets has a strong following and excellent reviews. People say these liners are well made, and one lady is still using one after three years.

The most common surprise regarding the liner is that it is thicker than anticipated; it provides comfort for the piggies. One person said they had not had any shrinkage after several washes like other brands.

Finally, several repeat customers were buying more liners.


While not many, the negative reviews need to be expressed to create a well-informed consumer and provide insight into possible required extra care.

One person may not have had the center stitched down, as their absorbent pad would move around when sweeping the cage.

Another person ordered two pads of the same size and received two different sizes. The same person also said after a short while, the liners stopped wicking urine. Causing the smell to not come out after washing.

After two days, another person had to change the liner because the urine smell was overpowering and soaking the absorbent layer.

It is important to note here that the company says to use white vinegar to help with the smell. It is unknown if everyone followed these directions, but only what is authored in the reviews—finally, pilling of the top layers of the fleece after one wash came up a couple of times.

Reviews are taken from both Esty.com and Amazon.com.

Which company, according to reviews, makes the superior product?

These companies appear to all make a great product and have excellent reviews. The main difference between them is GuineaDad fleece liner provides a waterproof bottom to prevent urine from leaking through the bottom of the cage.

A waterproof base prevents buying puppy pads if the liner leaks. This one extra layer makes the GuineaDad liner win the top spot making it the best choice for Guinea Pig bedding on the list.

The first thing to take away from these reviews is most of these types of bedding are very similar.

The fleece material is the top layer of the bedding, followed by an absorbent layer catching urine on the inside, followed by a new fleece layer on the bottom.

The bedding does take work to keep up, which is part of the negative reviews and must be considered when starting to use these.

One must assess their fleece liner daily, cleaning up poop and feeling for over saturation of urine to change the liner before it becomes smelly.

Daily maintenance will go a long way in keeping smells down but will also keep your piggies healthier and happier.

All the fleece listed are machine washable and should strictly adhere to the directions.

Fleece liners are the best option but require routine maintenance to keep this bedding looking and smelling fresh.

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